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Born in 1977 form the hands of siblings Diego Quiles and José Quiles.  Their company’s long trajectory encompasses many successes and high-ranking events.  Its symbol is a paw.  It is a brand widely known in the international market. 
KELME is a company committed to manufacturing and distributing shoes, textiles and accessories for sports segments and fashion in general. 
It is important to note that KELME has developed as the first in world tendencies and fashion thanks to the introduction of strong and innovative designs as well as the quality in the manufacturing of its products.
During its history it has sponsored players like Zamorano, Javi Moreno, Víctor, Raúl Bravo, JordiVillacampa or  Oleguer, as well as great teams such as Real Madrid,Hércules CF, Colombia Soccer Team, MéxicoAtlante and many others.
KELME also supports other sports like indoor soccer, track & field and canoeing.
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